Beaches Home Renovations

If you live in the Beaches area of Toronto you have probably thought about  Beaches home renovations and what possibly could be done to help you make the most of what you have and keep you in one of the nicest areas to live in Toronto, for as long as possible.  Beaches homes usually contain a laundry list of potential renovation projects, much like any home throughout Toronto. There are however a few key factors that only apply to homes in the Beaches. I thought it might be useful to focus on some of these factors so that you can make sure they are included in your next Beaches home renovations budget.



Beaches Home Renovations Considerations


  • Parking

Given the Beaches is such a popular place to not only live but also to visit. You can almost guarantee that parking, especially during the busy renovation season, will be in short supply. This has always been a problem with any of the Beaches home renovations we have dealt with. It doesn’t make the job any easier when you are trying to get material into a small rear yard to build an addition and the street is full of cars. Make sure your contractor understands this challenge because on many projects we have had to block traffic to unload and park most of our vehicles off site and walk to and from the project. Sometimes as far as two blocks away.  This can at the very least slow down progress and potentially have extra charges back to you as well. The parking cops have no mercy and those tickets can pile up fast. Make sure your Beaches home renovations budget, plans to includes a good parking strategy, so you can stay one step ahead of this potentially troublesome problem.


  • Water

Although living close to a lake is great it does have a bit of a problem with rain water. Especially if you live south of Queen St. where streets become rivers and sewers fill up fast.  Given a lot of beaches home renovations work revolves around improving basements. Always make sure to plan on having good foundation waterproofing installed and that you have a working weeping tile and sump pump to remove the water if it does get in. I have witnessed close to 6″ of water rolling down the streets during the average rainstorm. You can imagine the extraordinary pressure that can put on your foundation. Especially if it is not properly waterproofed. The other area water can be a problem in your Beaches home renovations, is with the sewers backing up and overflowing into your basement. Always allow for a stop flow preventer valve to be installed in your basement drain. This one thing alone could save you thousands of dollars in damage.