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As Toronto custom home builders, we realize a home is one of the most important things a person can have. But, unfortunately, those homes usually don’t come in the best shape and need help. We know that having a custom home tailor-made to suit your needs would be a dream come true for most families. That’s where we come in, as one of the top custom builders in Toronto. We are here to help make your dream home a reality. 


Build Your Dream Home – Contemporary, Traditional, Modern Homes in Toronto

Contemporary, traditional, and modern custom home builds in Toronto vary in size and structure but all need exceptional attention to detail to pull off successfully.

Contemporary homes have additional interior accessories that require complete design and construction. A stone brick house or a small flat are examples of these houses. For example, the interior may have a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dining area. An additional balcony is outside the house, and a garden ambiance sanctifies the mood of the dwellers. Different kinds of ornamental flowers are planted on the front porch or the garden itself as a renovation project. Trees are also present in the lawns of contemporary homes to add the feeling of natural ambiance. The exterior of the dwelling provides the idea of modern architecture in terms of designs, shapes and sizes of windows and doors. Contemporary homes often have sliding doors or wooden doors made of materials from the finest class of wood that can be found in the extensive forests of Canada or are imported from different parts of the world. These doors are of affordable cost and in good shape and quality. Various mixtures of paint are added to achieve a long-lasting coat. Skilled painters with broad house painting knowledge carefully choose the colours.

On the other hand, modern homes provide a more luxurious style in their interior and exterior parts and have high-quality workmanship. For example, some homes in Toronto have splendid balconies and expansive terraces that accompany ten or six people. Decks are built with the finest materials, like marble and stone, which depends on the client’s preference. Large bulbs are installed in the walls and ceilings of the terrace to add a mixture of beauty at night. These lights are of low or high voltage ad possess enchanting variations. In the living room, an additional guest room is made for the guests to be entertained during family gatherings and other social events. Some modern homes have custom-made home theatre rooms for leisure. Bathrooms are decorated with priceless tiles. Some homes have a bathtub in the bathroom. From start to finish, Woodsmith Construction will be on time and within budget with your custom home.

Traditionally built homes in the Toronto area have the simplest edifice in them. These are only one-story houses, and the other parts are made up of wood panelling. The interior is made of simple furniture and materials that are affordable and of excellent quality. The exterior is made of cement or wood combination, a perfect way of showing elegance.

If you’re considering hiring one of the best custom home builders in Toronto, call Woodsmith Construction for your free onsite consultation. Our customer service can’t be beaten, and we will help you achieve your custom dream home that you’ll love and adore for many years.

We offer a full suite of design and permitting services. Our Design team is ready to is ready to make your dream home a reality

On top of our great home design services we also offer a wide array of home building and renovation services. We are able to handle jobs of all sizes.

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