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Why should you choose Woodsmith Constructions as your Custom Home Builder?


If you are looking for a company where you can find professional and reliable custom home builders, look no further. Toronto has many construction companies that will build you a custom home, but few can do it as well as Woodsmith Construction can. With over 20 years of experience, our company has provided high-quality home construction for our clients. We consistently exceed expectations by coming in on time and on budget. Woodsmith Construction has the years of experience required to ensure your custom home is exceptional. We are consistently among the best custom home builders in Toronto, coming highly recommended year after year because we provide a quality home and a level of customer service that can’t be beaten, something that is lacking in the construction industry today construction industry. Our approach has already helped many homeowners fix the problems with their homes, and we look forward to continuing our efforts for many years. In addition, we will maintain our long-standing reputation in the industry because of the quality and performance of our custom homes. We have the great team and professionalism it takes to make your custom home the dream home you always wanted.


Custom home builders Toronto, top qualifications:


  • Professionalism – Our professional team is not just in name only. With many years of experience, our team has the expertise to deal with all aspects of custom home building. Our designers and builders maintain exceptionally high standards of practice throughout all stages of our home development process. We maintain consistent communication and are always accountable and transparent with you. We set a high standard for ourselves and our homes. 
  • Skills and Experience – Our construction firm did not become reputable without making sure our contractors and team possess the right skills and level of experience to excel at what we do. Having the right skills and knowledge is vital in this business. Furthermore, we know that without skilled contractors that all have these essential traits, the greater the chance our clients’ needs will not be met, leading to unsatisfied customers, which we will not stand for.
  • Reliable – Our team can be trusted to perform consistently throughout completing the entire project. For every project or task, we always show a strong commitment and dedication to consistently showing up and ensuring we hit our key targets. This inevitably leads to our client’s overall approval and enables us to continue to help many homeowners in Toronto. So always expect that when it comes to reliability, it be on top of our list.
  • Reputation – Among all our other qualifications, this is the most undeniable. Our years of providing high-quality construction services have consistently maintained many happy and satisfied clients, enabling our company to become better known as a reputable Toronto custom home builder. Our continued success depends on our continued efforts to provide an enjoyable customer experience. One that is accountable and transparent throughout the design and build process.

So, if you are looking for a company with professional, reliable, skilled and experienced custom home builders, Woodsmith Construction is the best place to go. You will surely love how our team strives to exceed our client’s expectations while serving their various needs. There is nothing to worry about with our team. We have the perfect combination of years of experience and know-how mixed with the right amount of personability. Rest assured, a Custom home built by Woodsmith Construction is one you will surely enjoy


We are looking forward to working with you soon!


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We offer a full suite of design and permitting services. Our Design team is ready to is ready to make your dream home a reality

On top of our great home design services we also offer a wide array of home building and renovation services. We are able to handle jobs of all sizes.

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