Design Build Dream home from scratch

design build dream home

When taking on a design to build a dream home, a contractor must keep detailed daily tabs on work progress, cost of materials, and all other tasks of projects. As a result, they know day-to-day if your project is in line with original estimates. If something is wrong and the project swerves the line, they immediately fix the issue and look for a possible solution. An experienced contractor knows how to analyze and weigh the pertinent data needed for the progress.

At the same time, a design-build dream home contractor monitors every team member and keeps them on the same page until the contract on the project is over. Professional contractors do not just rely on their intentions. He knows how to show mutual respect with the subordinates and widen his idea in dealing with the clients. This challenging task does not necessarily focus on the job; it also shows how to create camaraderie with the job peers.

Woodsmith Construction is that trusted design-build dream home company. Located in Toronto and is known for only using quality materials and creating beautiful designs for its valued customers. We are your partner in world-class interior designs that fit your home’s classic appearance. We can make your home a better one. We have many standard formats that complement your needs. We stand out in serving our customers for so many years. 

These are our design-build services:

Design Build Dream Home Services

  • Flat-free design with multiple concepts provided that best suit you and your family
  • 3D rendering to allow our clients to visualize what the ending product will be
  • Flat-free interior design and selection service
  • Detailed budget costing for your final designed concept
  • Accurate scheduling from image to permitting to actual build times
  • Interior selections One-on-one assist
  • Transparent design-build processes
  • Five-year warranties on the project


Woodsmith Construction will leave a good impression on every detail of the house you want. These dedicated contractors can fully arrange your home, whether new or remodelled. They can render a good service that is worth the price you spend. If the service is experienced, you will never regret the valuable assistance they served their loyal customers.

Toronto has already reached the peak of excellence regarding its top standardized materials. There were so many designs that they could provide to beautify the home of every house owner. No wonder there were so many beautiful and luxurious houses located in Toronto. There were also kind general contractors and subcontractors situated there. They are the main reason why that place is pretty. Your home will undoubtedly be at its best with excellent companies with remarkable designs and talented and skillful contractors. Provide all the solutions to make your house an extraordinary one.

We offer a full suite of design and permitting services. Our Design team is ready to is ready to make your dream home a reality

On top of our great home design services we also offer a wide array of home building and renovation services. We are able to handle jobs of all sizes.

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