Downtown Toronto Renovation

Downtown toronto Renovation

What to expect with Downtown Toronto Renovation

Well the short answer is to expect everything and then you wont be surprised by what happens. Downtown Toronto renovation, are known to have there own brand of fun and excitement. Today we will take a look at a few of the things to make sure you keep in mind when thinking about any type of renovation project in the downtown core.



This is probably the most over looked and the one factor that can really destroy any downtown Toronto renovation budget.  Access to your home is crucial for workers to get anything done. If there is only street parking and you live in a busy section of the city. There might not be enough or any spots available for trades to park. This can result in some hefty parking tickets thrown your way.  Along with massive declines in productivity if each guys has to go 2 blocks to grab anything from their truck or if they have to feed the meter. Always think about where people will try and park and put some money in your budget to cover some of those type of costs. Maybe of your neighbour has a driveway or back lane access. Work out some sort of deal with them in order to rent some space. Trust me, with a little pre-planning in this department, it will save you a tone of headaches down the line.




Ahh, the bane of every downtown Toronto renovation project. The trades are one of the necessary evils that you will have to deal with in order to get anything done. There are a few things to keep in mind when you work with any trades directly. Firstly no matter what they say, the odds of them coming to your job on time and finishing with in the schedule is next to none. All trades have to to keep many projects on the go and they do fall victim to the poor planning on other projects that the trade happens to also be working on.  Remember in your scheduling to allow a good margin of error on timing for trades starting and completing their various tasks. If you plan for it to begin with you can only be pleasantly surprised in the end if it works in out in your favor.




The time of year you under take your downtown Toronto renovation is as important as the rest combined. Given each of the other factors also revolve around the time of year. Parking in the summer is much easier then parking with 2ft snowbanks on the side of the road in the winter. Also trades might be more available in the winter time to get to your project then in the summer, due to the smaller amount of demands on their schedules. Always be aware of when you are choosing to start you downtown Toronto renovation project and make sure you time the various phases, to give you the best chance of success through out the year. I personally like to start work in the fall, especially an addition because the outside work can be completed before the winter starts and the inside finishing work can be done when it is cold outside. That way the weather we frame in is warm but not too hot and the trades are more able to make their commitments in the winter. Which allows us to have the best chance of completing the project when it needs to be.