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East York is a great and unique part of our city. Comprised of a lot of war time construction brick bungalows. It offers the perfect chance for a family to set up roots and build their dream home. The property sizes are also a but on the bigger side, when compared to the downtown core. There are however a few things that one should think about with your East York design. Firstly size does matter in East York and to design small will hamper your chances at the best return on your investment down the line. Always maximize on what you can build.  Secondly always build up on a wartime brick bungalow. These homes were built like bomb shelters and can usually take the extra load of an additional floor with out much structural adjustment.




The property sizes as mentioned before are very favorable in comparison to the downtown core. Make sure your East York design takes advantage of this fact. I have seen a lot of money spent on redesigning the bungalow itself and not adding anything to the floor plan at all. This is a big mistake given most of the people that look to buy in that area are looking for the larger family home. New home buyers want a full sized family home and not a renovated bungalow.  Also make sure you keep your home up to the scale of the homes around you. Keeping in mind that your East York design must stand out in the crowd but not to the point that it looks out of place on the street.


Design Smart


Always, always, build up on these wartime bungalows. They provide a great foundation base, that will usually allow you to do so with out many additional structural changes on your end. Make sure your East York design factors in the right building materials and techniques, such as full span floor joists and truss roof systems. All of which will sit on the outside walls and keep the new structure over the existing foundation structure and will remove the need for any additional support through the center of your home.  This design practice gives you the most flexibility with your interior layouts. Allowing you to go full open concept on the ground floor and divide up the second or third floor however you like. It also allows you to change things down the line and not have to worry about taking out a barring wall. When changing a bedroom around or relocating an office in your home. Full span design allows for quicker and easier construction which will also save you time and money on you building budget.