East York Home Renovations

Tips for Successful East York home renovations

East York home renovations are some of our personal favourites at Woodsmith Construction. We have spent many years working in the East York area of Toronto, much like other areas of our great city. Many homes are in pretty rough shape. Located in Lesilieville, we are right on the doorstep of this great community. This community has seen incredible development over the last 15 years. Home prices are now at all-time highs, and what you do with that increased equity becomes ever more critical.

East York Home Renovations Tip 1: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t

The home renovation market in most areas of Toronto is booming, and East York is no exception. The very nature of a booming market makes it more important to make good sound choices with your money. Home renovations are not a small undertaking, and they are not accessible. Be careful of the people that tell you otherwise. The adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Captures the very core of what most clients find themselves up against. It is easy to make promises initially but remember that all renovations take time and require many different things to come together. All of these are in great demand by everyone else trying to do a renovation. A promise of quick and easy will almost certainly lead to problems down the line. Most of which will result in neither of those promises being remotely achieved. Always be mindful of the market conditions when preparing for any home renovation project.

East york Home Renovations Tip 2: Do your due diligence

I could offer so many tips, but we, unfortunately, can only capture a couple this time. The East York home renovations tip is to choose wisely. Always pick your contractor as you would for anything other significant investment. Do the homework on the company and talk to people who have recently worked with them and people from the past. Too often, I find clients are too eager to get things going and rush the decision on who to hire just because they want to get things started. Always talk to as many people as possible who have done what you are planning to do. Find out what went well and what went wrong. Ask those questions to your potential contractor and see how they respond.

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