Home Renovation HST Rebate

How to get your home renovation HST rebate


HST is a part of our lives, and we deal with it virtually every purchase we make. When it comes to your home renovation. The HST does not have to be the elephant in the room, with proper invoicing techniques from your contractor and many forms to fill out. You can get a large chunk of that HST you paid during your home renovation back. You must meet specific requirements for an HST rebate on your home renovation. Mainly you have to meet their definition of a “Substantial Renovation.” Please click on the link provided for more information about what this means. Once you meet those requirements, the next step is twofold. Firstly you have to have detailed invoicing that can substantiate what was done in your home renovation. Secondly, you must fill out the required forms, which a third party can do for a fee. We will cover both of these requirements in this article.




A home renovation HST rebate must prove that a “Substantial Renovation” took place. In short, more than 90% of your home must have been renovated, and you have to be able to show that with the appropriate bills. At Woodsmith Construction, we always provide detailed invoicing just for that reason. We ensure that every stage of construction has been clearly defined in our invoices and the stage of work completed has also been shown. That way, when you go to the CRA, all the required information is ready for them to review. It is as simple as point and clicks with our breakdown invoices. We package your project up in dated folders throughout any project. They are stored on our cloud-based server, making them available to you anytime, anywhere, to send to whomever you like. It is this level of detail the CRA is looking for, and with it, you will get the best rebate possible.


HST Forms

Attached is a link to the HST forms, available to download when required. Please read them carefully and fill them out as per their requirements. Many customers have opted to do this on their own or with their accountants, and all have successfully gotten a rebate back. Remember, as long as you are the product’s end user, i.e. your home. You qualify for a home renovation HST rebate. You will not be eligible for any rebate if you plan on selling the home before living in it. Please make you read all of the requirements shown in the link provided.

Hopefully, this can help you get some of your money back from your home renovation project.

Construction Work Summary

HST Home Renovation Rebate Form


If you want to see some of our work that has received great HST Rebates, please click here. 

We also offer various Design and Build services that meet the HST Rebate requirements. 

We offer a full suite of design and permitting services. Our Design team is ready to is ready to make your dream home a reality

On top of our great home design services we also offer a wide array of home building and renovation services. We are able to handle jobs of all sizes.

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