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Leslieville Design

Leslieville Design.. What matters most

Good Leslieville Design has to have two key ingredients. Firstly the design must make the best use of the limited space our homes have. Secondly the design has to let our families grow into them, in order to get the best use of space over time. The Leslieville area homes are comprised of mostly of old worker homes built in the early 1900’s. These homes have had a patch work of small additions and weekend warrior renovations added to them over their lifetime. The result is a great opportunity for some good design work. Although somewhat tricky to balance both the needs of growing families and the state of disrepair in these homes.  With a little TLC, these Leslieville homes can be brought into a new millennium and help our community stay great. There are a few things one should try to think about when attempting to redesign one these homes. There area three areas for any Leslieville design that we will focus on today. They in know way cover all the bases but they are always good start to all home design.




There are some great one way streets and side streets in Leslieville. Which provide quiet reprieve from the hustle of the main streets. The first element of Leslieville design we will go over, is to make sure you understand the location of your home. Where on your street are you situated and how close are you to your neighbours. Is your home a semi or fully detached home. What if any, is the common thread of home facades on your street. Given that more than likely your home was built at the same time as the rest of the homes on your street. always Making sure your Leslieville design takes into account the existing curb aesthetic, will help maintain your streets charm.




Leslieville design usually revolves around smaller homes. Which there is nothing wrong with but it must be accounted for in your design. Trying to shrink a floor plan of a larger home to make it fit into a smaller homes foot print, will only lead to problems. Our homes are unique and need special attention paid to maximize the interior space with out losing any of its functionality. Designing for a smaller home, one has to make sure that the look and feel doesn’t match the sqft in the home. Use of natural light and ceiling height are great ways to add volume to a space with out the need for lots of floor space.




Now this is strictly a personal choice. Everyone has their preferred look and style, which is a good thing. When you start your Leslieville design make sure you know what look you are going for. Have some inspiration pictures on hand to show some examples of what you liked in other homes and would also like in yours. A good designer should be able to take those pictures and blend them into your space. The end result should be something uniquely yours and one which you will be able enjoy for years to come.  You will know what you like when you see it, so don’t be afraid to look at as many examples as you can. There are many online resources to do so and that information will prove very useful during the design process itself.  Make sure your designer has the ability to show their design in 3D to you.  As you can see with the photo is this article, the ability to show your space with photo realism is completely possible. It is in my opinion the only way anyone can really properly design for today’s families.That way you can see your home before it has ever been built. You can sit at you kitchen counter and look out your window in virtual reality before actual reality. This is a great tool to help you make the right choices for your home’s design.