Leslieville Renovations

Leslieville Renovations

Leslieville renovations and what to consider

Being located right in the heart of Leslieville, affords Woodsmith Construction a unique perspective on the homes in the area. All Leslieville renovations have their own brand of fun that they bring to the table.  So in order to completely understand what to expect, we must first understand when the neighborhood was constructed and for what purpose.


Leslieville is a blend of homes built from as early as the 1900’s to right around the 1950’s. They were mostly blue collar worker homes. Designed to house their family’s safely and serve a mostly utilitarian function. They were not luxury homes by any stretch and as the families started to out grow of their small square footage starter homes. They were forced to add on in anyway, shape or form. Now given they were not financially well off people, they would need to make up the financial gap with good old fashion self sufficiency. They set upon trying to make their homes fit their families. Which turns out was the beginnings of what continues to this very day of the Leslieville renovations.


These renovations are comprised mostly of weekend projects to close in a porch here and add a rear single storey addition there. Not much thought was given to longevity or or over all curb appeal, that was was the result of these early renovation projects. These early renovations were strictly for function and what was once a front porches became  a living room and the rear decks became kitchen or storage areas.  As the homes grew in size so did the need for extra services. That self sufficient spirit continued right on through and the first Leslieville residents also did their own plumbing and electrical. The result was less the top notch but it worked for what they needed at the time. We might shudder at the idea of the light browning out when you urn on the dryer in the bathroom. Or how you get a sudden cold shower or no water at all if some one downstairs turns on the water. These however were the results of the early Leslieville renovations. Most of which still exist in some way shape or form in most Leslieville homes today. They worked for the time they were needed and now that time has past. We now have ushered in a new breed of Leslieville resident. One that not only loves the area but also and wants to make these homes last for another 100 years.


Today’s new generation of home buyers have seen the great value a Leslieville homes offers. Many of whom might have been not to pleasantly surprised with the laundry list of repairs and or complete redo’s, required for their home once they got it but have learned to love it all the same. As the stewards of our great neighbourhood . We have a responsibility to leave it in a better state then we found it in.  Here at Woodsmith Construction we look forward to the chance to do just that. We live here with you and share your love and respect for our great community and we look forward to be able to helping as many families as possible, make their Leslieville homes their forever homes. Lets work together to make sure we leave things in a better condition then when we found them. That way the next generation of people will be able to enjoy our great neighbourhood also.