Logan Home Renovation

Woodsmith Construction Project Journal: 

Logan Ave Home Renovation: Third Floor Reno

Our Logan home renovation project has finally come to an end. What started as simple third-floor interior alterations. It became a whole home facelift from top to bottom. As challenging as every Toronto home seems, the reward was the smile the owner gets every day she uses her new primary suite. Maybe from this recap of what we did, you might be able to grab a few ideas for your next renovation project.

Third Floor Work: Logan Home Renovation 

Our Logan home renovation, as mentioned, started with the existing third floor. We gutted the entire floor and rebuilt all of its brand new. Third floors are tricky because, in almost every case, clients want to save the rest of the home that lies underneath. Now that can go south pretty quickly once your roof is off and the weather takes a turn for the worst. So always make sure that in budget planning, you allow for the potential for some damage to carry through the rest of your home. Making your third floor a primary suite seems to be the best use of space if you have enough. This option has created many an oasis, too which happy parents can escape the day and have a nice quiet hot bath or watch TV. A separate primary suite can give you that sense of calm and collection when the rest of your life might not. Sometimes with a growing family in the rest of the home, you need somewhere to go that can take you away. I have never had one customer complain about having their walk-in closet or bathroom in their bedroom area.

Party Wall Work: Logan Home Renovation 

This Logan home renovation had a party wall as the home was semi-detached. When we started, the wall was not in the plans to deal with, but as things moved along, parts of the wall needed to be opened up. The client decided that hearing the neighbour’s conversations was something she no longer wished to deal with. Mainly because that also meant the neighbour could hear everything she and her family spoke about. So off went the party wall cladding and on went the sound batts and soundproof board. The change was incredible; it always seems to be with this part of any semi-detached renovation. I always recommend soundproofing where ever possible. You will be amazed at the piece of mind a bit of peace, and quiet can bring.

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