Home Renovations

Our homes are a central part of our daily lives, and we spend more time in them than ever. Unfortunately, in most cases, our homes are not in the best condition; they are outdated, worn out and in need of some help. A home renovation is a perfect fix for this problem. It allows you to bring your space into the 21st century with a look and feel that makes you happy to be there every day. We have developed a tiered approach to our home renovation services that allows you to choose the best-suited service for your needs. 

Three Tiers of Home Renovation Services

We currently offer three tiers of home renovation services, each of which can be mixed and matched with the others. We start with our whole home refresh, which deals with updating your home from top to bottom. Our second tier is our ground floor rework, which mainly deals with fixing everything to do with your ground floor. Adding a new kitchen, open-concept layout, mudroom, and powder room would apply. Finally, we have basement underpinning, which provides a great option to add usable floor space to your home without needing an addition. 

Whole Home Refresh

This is a very popular option for anyone happy with their home’s layout and size but not so happy with how it looks and feels. This option allows you to prioritize fixing those problems that have been nagging at you from behind your walls and making things look great in front of them. Suffice to say; whatever your whole home’s needs are, this choice will have you covered.

Bain Renovation Living Room

Ground Floor Rework

A ground-floor rework may be worth exploring when a whole home refresh is not an option. As an area you spend a tremendous amount of time in, a ground-floor rework can set the right tone, style and feel for your space. Going this route lets you completely change a central part of your home. The return on investment is excellent with this option, but more importantly, there is a great sense of satisfaction in living and working in a space that is reflective of your tastes. In most cases, the ground floor rework is an excellent start to your home’s renovation journey as it sets the bar for what the rest of your home can be. 


Basement Underpinning

Most homes in Toronto have basements that are not the most inviting places. They are often cramped, dark and dingy or poorly renovated with some features that aren’t quite right. Nonetheless, they have massive potential to provide much-needed space for your family. When done correctly, they look and feel the same as every other floor in your house. It is astounding how much usable space comes from an underpinned basement. The best part of this home renovation is that you don’t need to move out while it happens. Instead, we can work on your basement while you go about your daily lives in your home. 


Need Design Services Also ?

Our services include full design and permitting packages for all of our build services listed here. 


Yes, we provide design and permitting services for all of our build services 

Anywhere between 6 months and one year, depending on the scope of work you have picked.

Please fill out our contact form and attach the files you currently have. We will get back within 24hrs to set up an initial consultation meeting. After we have met to discuss your project in detail. We will then provide you with a full scope of work description and a preliminary budget outline with all pertinent timelines. 

A min of 2 years for anything we have installed. A detailed warranty package is provided to all of our clients at the time of contract signing.