Home Addition Design

The last thing you want when designing any home addition is to have it look like something that has been stuck on your home. We have been designing and building home additions for over twenty years and pride ourselves on designing additions that genuinely add to your home. We carefully consider the form and function of our home additions design and ensure that it adds to the overall aesthetic of your home and does not detract from it. Our design process begins with determining which type of addition or combination of additions would work best with your home. From there, we figure out how to best marry your new home addition into your existing home’s features and overall aesthetic. Finally, we maximize the utility of the additional space we have created so that it adds the required functionality to your home. Our design team carefully considers each one of these factors when preparing your design. Striking the right balance between each of them to make sure the final result is one you are happy with. 

Home Addition Design Types

There are three main types of home additions we typically design. The first and most popular is the third-floor addition or the parent’s oasis, as some call it. This option provides some much-needed adult space away from the kids. The second type, and very popular in its own right, is the rear addition. It comes in many shapes and sizes and is an excellent option for getting more ground-floor space and that much-needed extra bedroom on the second floor. Finally, we have the front addition, primarily used to create a mudroom space you always wanted or to add whatever floor space is needed. These additions have practical design applications and can be done by themselves or in combination. They are  great ways to help make your home into the dream home you always wanted

Third Floor Addition Design

A successful third-floor addition design must consider both the space’s function and its exterior aesthetic. Too often, third-floor additions are designed as boxes on top of homes that detract from their overall curb appeal. However, gaining a third floor should not come at the cost of your home’s exterior aesthetic. Our third-floor addition designs ensure that the extra space you need ties in nicely with the rest of the space you already have. Our design team considers everything from its size, shape, and structural elements to how to have plenty of natural light without being intrusive. We make sure to create a unique third-floor space that you can enjoy from inside and out.

Rear Addition Design

The more utilitarian of the home addition design options, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Rear additions are usually designed primarily to provide much-needed space to your home’s existing floors. Due to their practical nature, they tend to look like boxes stuck on the back of homes, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Designed thoughtfully, a rear addition can provide the needed space and add to your home’s rear aesthetic. We achieve this challenging design feat by focusing as much attention on the addition’s exterior as we do its interior. On the exterior front, we incorporate transitioning floor levels at different setbacks to create some negative exterior space that can add depth to an otherwise flat surface. We also use a layering effect with different types of external claddings to help break up the monotone surfaces. Our interiors blend seamlessly into your rear yard, creating indoor and outdoor living spaces that truly add to your home. 

Front Addition Design

The front of your home is the first thing everyone sees, and curb appeal is a massive factor in resale values. A front addition has to be designed with careful attention paid to how it will add to your home’s curb appeal. It should consider the whole exterior aesthetic of your home and not just that of the addition itself. Front additions can be a great addition to any home and are increasingly becoming the go-to option when trying to add that much-needed mudroom or extra living space. The key is to make sure it works with the exterior features of your home and does overpower your front façade. We design all of our front additions with this in mind, making sure your much-needed front space doesn’t come at the cost of your curb appeal 

Third Floor Rendering


Yes, we offer different package rates for each one of our design services.

The typical time to develop a home addition design and get the required permits is between 3 to 6 months. Providing you don’t have to go to the Committee of Adjustment. If that is the case, it could take upwards of a year.

An unlimited number of concepts are included with each of our design packages. We only stop once you are happy with your design.

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