Online Project Management Portal


Woodsmith Construction's online project management system is second to none because it has been designed with our clients in mind. Our project management page is key in maintaining the transparency and accountability that we strive to give to all of our clients. After years of refinement we believe that we have been able to create the perfect system. A secure web page that gives our clients not only access to, but also complete control over all of their project information. Presented it in an easy to follow format that shows as much or as little detail as required. Thus allowing for complete understanding as to what is happening and why at anytime and from anywhere. Our platform gives accurate and up to date information through out all project phases. Making sure that whatever has been decided upon from the beginning was done that way in the end.This level of information gives our clients the tools they need to make better choices. We have always believed that a well informed choice is always a better oneOur system doesn't stop just at our client's choices though. We constantly track every aspect of our projects and document all of it for our clients to view. Our tracking includes all designs, costing, site logs, documentation and project progress as well. At no point in time are our customers left wondering on any detail in regards to their project. They always have all of that information they need right at their finger tips at anytime.

Your project page will be divided into six parts 


  • Breakdowns: Showing all project bills and costs. Updated weekly and correlated to project budget
  • Drawings: Everything from concept to working permit drawings are stored for viewing at anytime
  • Site Logs: Weekly project site logs are prepared to show progress at all times 
  • Budget: Updated weekly with all project spending shown in breakdowns
  • Selections: All project choices are shown in writing and with picture reference
  • Calendar: Outlining the weekly and daily, design and construction schedule. 
Project Management


  • All bills submitted in breakdowns are shown in PDF format 
  • All project hour logs shown for all time worked and updated weekly 
  • Project weekly breakdowns show total spending for all affected items
  • Breakdown amounts are correlated directly into budget 
  • Always know your costs at all times


  • All design concepts from start to finish shown
  • All permit drawings shown
  • Any revision documents are shown
  • All engineering documents or reports are shown
  • Your drawings are held safe in storage forever
  • Always ready to view whenever you might need them

Site Logs

  • Weekly project updates 
  • Detailed account of items completed 
  • Important meeting notes from any site meetings
  • Picture reference for all work completed


  • All line items copied from original cost projection
  • Updated weekly to maintain accuracy
  • A Single view of all project costs 
  • Highlighted project savings and stage completions 
  • Correlated with all breakdown amounts 
  • Fully transparent and accountable 


  • Eliminates guess work on finishes
  • All choices from paint to siding shown 
  • Categorized and with pictures for easy reference
  • Available whenever you need even after project completion


  • Easy reference to planned project progress
  • Shown in monthly format 
  • See important decision and meeting dates 
  • Know what is to be done at anytime

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