Riverdale Home Renovations

Riverdale home renovations


Riverdale home renovations are a special part of what Woodsmith Construction does. Being located in the Leslieville area ourselves. A lot of our work is in the Riverdale area of Toronto. The homes in this area are beautiful and were built with a lot of care. The years however, have not been kind. With the wear and tear of 100 plus years of use, comes the need to make sure that the home renovation you are planning, keeps your Riverdale home lasting another 100 years.


With that in mind, we at Woodsmith Construction have prepared a bit of a check list for you to think about on your next Riverdale home renovation

Riverdale Home Renovations Check list

  1.  Always plan to removal as much interior cladding as possible. ie wall plaster, wood lathe etc

The reason behind this is that you need to see what is behind your walls in order to make sure what you are about to put in front of them will stand the test of time. Many Riverdale home renovations try to skate over this point and repair crumbling plaster work or drywall over it. This will only serve as a band aid solution because what you don’t know or cant’t see in any home renovation, can and will hurt you.

        2.  If you have brick take care

With many of the the Riverdale homes brick has been used in either the front or the entire home. Now although the brick might be a little worse for wear. It is still worth the money to restore back to its former glory. Riverdale home renovations must always try to preserve as much of the historic characteristics as possible.  This does not mean that the home can’t have modern finishes but a brick Facade is in keeping with the neighbourhood and will give great return on investment

      3.  Your bones are not standard

Many people forget with their Riverdale homes that 100 years ago we didn’t have quiet the same standards with milling lumber. Rough sawn lumber is the staple for most homes in the area and with rough sawn lumber comes a new set of challenges. Mostly that they are not dimensional standard, which in short mean they are not the same sizes. So you must factor in that when you renovate your Riverdale home, you will have to straighten every wall or floor in order to have them accept any drywall or new sub floor. If you don’t do this, there is a good chance that your walls and floors will have a few humps in them.