Design and Build

Why Choose Design & Build ?

At Woodsmith Construction we believe that being able to offer our clients a top rate Design & Build services in a packaged format, will always provide the greatest value. We feel that in order to build a great home to meet our clients wishes. We also need to be a partner with them through the design process as well. It is through this collaboration, our customers receive the best in our design & build expertise and advice. Having both our top rated designers and our expert building trades to help make their homes a reality. We want to ensure that your family's home and hard earned dollars are cared for from start to finish. All our of services are centered around our belief that with good information, clients make better choices. We always make sure that our design and build process is accountable and transparent from start to finish. You get all the information you need when you need it. So you know what you are getting and what it will cost well before work ever starts on your home.

Our Design & Build Approach

It is through our one on one approach that keeps communications clear and decisions relevant. We believe that with a design and build approach our clients can really avoid the pitfalls that come with hiring separate entities. As the saying goes "knowing is half the battle" and we always makes sure you know what your design & build will cost and look like through out the process. Our standard of excellence is set by always striving to use the best materials at our disposal, and when it comes to design and build, we hold true to that standard. We want to always maximize our clients dollars and we have been able to consistently do that over the years by making sure to have real costs to budget vs wishful thinking. Nothing hurts people more then when false expectations are set, in regards to how far their dollars will go, from the beginning. 

Design & Build

Design & Build Accountability

Our design and build process is accountable from start to finish and that accountability is defined through our transparency. We show everyone of our clients what various design elements have actually cost in similar projects.  What things have worked well for return on investment. Along with most importantly what things made the home a better one to live in for the family. All of these elements are factored into our design a build service, along with many more. 


Our Software

Our state of the art software allows our clients to view our design not only in 2D but also in a 3D format. Our design team will work with you step by step to make your home’s design the best it can be. To make our customer service exceptional, and to maintain a transparency and quality of process for all of our clients, we at Woodsmith construction have a cloud based interface that is second to none in its ability to clearly present all the details of your home renovation in an easy to follow and manage format. Allowing you, our valued customer to not only view an up to date schedule and budget but to also add any desired pictures, and selections you would like. It is with this platform that Woodsmith construction really stands out in our ability to serve our customers better.

Design & Build Packages Include

  • Flat Fee design with multiple concepts provided that best suit you and your family (keeps your design budget up front and under control)   
  • 3D renderings to allow our clients to better visualize what the end product will be
  • Flat Fee interior design and selection service (no hourly rate charges here)
  • Detailed budget costing for your final design concept (also can be provided for multiple concepts)
  • Accurate scheduling from concept to permitting to actual build times
  • One on one assistance with interior selections
  • All permitting and/or C of A requirements
  • Fully licensed BCIN designers and fully licensed building trades
  • Transparency throughout the entire design-build process (through open costing and trade discounts)
  • Full 5 year warranty on all work done



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Cloud Based Project Management System

To make our customer service exceptional, we employ a cloud based interface that is second to none, in its ability to clearly present all the details of your home renovation in an easy to follow and manage format. Through our client login page, clients can access up to date schedules, to do's, budgets and add any desired pictures, specifications or selections.

It is with this platform that Woodsmith Construction really stands out in our ability to serve our customers better.

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