Toronto Renovation Do’s

Toronto Renovation

Toronto Renovation Do’s

I would say firstly before starting any Toronto renovation, always consult a professional for advice when it comes to doing anything to your home. Our homes are our single biggest investments and we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that investment. There are a few things to keep in mind however, that can really make the difference in how you decide what to do.


  • Always make sure you know the age of your home .

Too many times people try to renovate a kitchen or bathroom in a 100 year old home that has never had any work done on it. This is a recipe for cost overruns and surprises with you Toronto renovation. Know your home and what needs attention and come up with a plan that will address all of its issues. You don’t have to fix everything at once but it is a good idea to know where and what you need to do before you start anything 
  • Have a full house audit and create a complete home renovation plan

This is all part of knowing your home before you start your Toronto renovation. A full house audit will give you the piece of mind of knowing what is wrong behind those walls. It also gives you a proper base in order to come up with your complete home renovation plan. Which is a list of all the potential renovation projects there will need to be to bring your home up to date. Along with the correct order to do them in so as not to have to destroy something you have already paid for to fix something else. 
  • Make sure financially you can cover whatever project you decide on doing

Our homes are a long term entity and we will hopefully have them for the rest of our lives and raise our families in them. It seems when it comes to renovations however, people get into to hot water by taking on too much and over extending themselves. Always be mindful of no matter what your renovation is projected to cost, you should have at least 25% tucked away in a contingency fund. Renovations on older homes especially in Toronto are fraught with surprises hiding behind every wall or poorly renovated room. The best protection against those unknowns is always have a little extra stashed away. 
  • Do the unsexy work as much as you can

There is a reason those surprises lurk behind those walls of your home. That is no one ever wants to deal with what’s behind the walls. Everyone likes to see what’s in front, like the nice kitchen or bathroom. It is however the behind the walls work that makes your investment a sound one. It also is work that if done properly will only ever need to be done once in your lifetime. Make sure each renovation project you take on addresses as much of this type of work as possible. Get the walls insulated, address worn out structure and upgrade your plumbing,heating and electrical. Your home will thank you by making sure whatever you do end up putting in front of the walls, will not need to be removed again to fix something behind them. 

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