The Woodsmith Approach to Customer Service

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Woodsmith approach
“Having our Family help your Family get into your Dream Home”



What is the Woodsmith Approach and why does it work



The Woodsmith approach is a simple and straight forward one.  We hold three key components at the heart of everything we do. They are Transparency, Accountability and Communication. One would say there is one other over arching piece that carries through all of them and that is honesty. Without honesty none of our other three principles mean much and so it is with applying our key components honestly, that we achieve success.


  • Transparency

It is easy to say and easy to do, just show everything. There are no back room deals or kick backs on the side. You see everything, every bill every hour every trade receipt. This could not be properly achieved with out technology however. From our automated job clocks to our bi weekly spending reports. They all contribute to the openness and clarity that is required in order to do business with Woodsmith Construction. We are always working to make this better and give our clients all the information possible. It is information that really communicates honesty and integrity in the end.


  • Accountability

Now this one is a little tougher to see because it really is only required at a time when you are right and the other person is wrong. I would never say we don’t make mistakes but I would say that when we do, we own up to it and correct it. It is this single trait that sets us apart from the pack. We keep detailed selection lists and daily log notes for every meeting ever had on your project. Even with that things can get missed but when they are and they are our fault. The Woodsmith approach is to take that responsibility and make it right with our clients. You will never have to fear a heated argument with us in order to get what you wanted in the first place. In today’s world there are few things that measure up in this department and I am proud to say we are one of them


  • Communication

This is the big one and probably the most important when it come to the Woodsmith approach any home renovation project. The success or failure of the entire relationship hinges on this one thing. As previously mentioned technology helps us track the literally thousands of conversations that are had over the course of any project. The system however is only as good as the people that are using it and we have the best. They are not the best just because of their knowledge on the subject matter or because of their years of experience. They are the best they have all that and they care about you and your home and love what they do. It is the caring that is the secret sauce so to speak. With out it things get lost in the shuffle and good advice is never given because someone wasn’t paying attention.

Our ability to communicate well is an expression of how much we care. We want to be there from start to finish and because the person who starts the process with you is also the one that finishes. They have a vested interest in making sure they get it right all the way through.

Our approach although simple I think is just what is needed in today’s flashy sales ads with empty promises. We take what we all would like to see out there in the world and be it in ourselves. We do our best everyday to to make sure we deliver on that promise with honesty and integrity one home and family at a time.