Leslieville Renovations

Leslieville Renovations

Leslieville renovations and what to consider Located right in the heart of Leslieville, affords Woodsmith Construction a unique perspective on the homes in the area. All Leslieville renovations have their brand of fun that they bring to the table. So in order to completely understand what to expect, we must first understand when the neighbourhood […]

Danforth Home Renovations

Design Build Toronto Logan Ave

Danforth Home Renovations Project Woodsmith Project Journals: This Danforth home renovation project tested every bit of our team’s skill and know-how. Funnily enough, it started as a simple third-floor renovation: just some interior alterations, no big deal. We did not have to deal with permits, structure or anything significant. This home was fully renovated in […]

Beaches Home Renovations

If you live in the Beaches area of Toronto, you have probably thought about  Beaches home renovations and what could be done to help you make the most of what you have and keep you in one of the nicest areas to live in Toronto for as long as possible. Beaches homes usually contain a […]

Complete Home Remodeling – Bathrooms, Kitchen, Basement Space

Complete home renovations

Are you planning to have a complete home renovations or remodeling in Toronto? If the design of your bathroom and kitchen already outdated, renovating it is a very good idea. Your bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important parts of the house so you have to make sure that your family and guests […]

Home Renovation Project

Home Renovation Project

Things to consider with your home renovation project When considering any home renovation project there are rarely the answers you need when searched online. Mostly due to the wide array of things that you do have to consider with any home renovation project. Now everyone might know the basics, like design well and hire professionals […]

Complete home renovation ?

Galley Home Reno Woodsmith

What is a Complete home renovation and why do I need it? A complete home renovation is more of an idea vs a static thing. In dealing with homes in the Toronto area for most of my life. I have come to a few conclusions on the best practices and approaches to use on them. […]