Home Renovation Budgeting

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Much to do about Home Renovation Budgeting     With each new client’s home visit at Woodsmith Construction. We seem to come across, time and time again a real lack understanding on what good home renovation budgeting is. Most people obviously understand intellectually what a budget is and how important it is to the proper […]

Upper Beaches Home Renovations

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Upper Beaches Home Renovations Tips Living in the Upper Beaches is to be part of one the most rapidly changing neighborhoods in Toronto. The amount of store front development on Kingston road alone, would make anyone’s head spin. This segment of Toronto is not without its home renovation challenges but as we all know, neither is […]

Toronto Renovations

Toronto Renovations Don’t s

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Toronto Renovations Don’ts I think these are probably more important then the do’s are. Toronto renovations are very complicated and the are lots of variables that have to be accounted for from the beginning, in order to give you any chance of success. Above all never attempt to do anything on your home with out […]