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What is a Complete home renovation and why do I need it?

A complete home renovation is more of an idea vs a static thing. In dealing with homes in the Toronto area for most of my life. I have come to a few conclusions on the best practices and approaches to use on them. Firstly if you own a home that has been build before 1950 in this city, odds are everything needs to be dealt with. Now I know there is always the exception to the rule but in this case it doesn’t matter. To not take a full home approach with older Toronto homes, would result in a patch work of repairs and or renovations that only lead to devaluing your home. We have all seen them and or lived in them and it is very clear that the piece meal approach is not working.To understand the thought process better, we must first take into account past building practices which have left every home built before that time with little to no insulation. Not mention poor mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems that would never measure up to today’s standards. Now in Toronto we have a very harsh climate with changes in temperature of up to 70 degrees Celsius from winter to summer. Along with humidity levels to go from almost that of a desert in the winter to jungle like in the summer. It would only make sense that with our biggest investment of our lives on the line. We have little choice but to follow a more complete approach when renovating.As a contractor, to not address these realities in our home renovations policies would be irresponsible and costly to our clients. Our complete home renovation approach takes full account of your homes existing condition before we ever start any construction. We design the best alternatives available to you as the homeowner to fix the outstanding problems.Now instead of just redoing your kitchen or bathroom, you can get so much more, with the piece of mind in knowing that your behind the wall problems have been dealt with also. It is always better to spend money to make sure what is behind your walls looks and works as good as what you plan to put in front of them.Now cost and budget is always a concern with all home owners especially in today’s economy. This approach allows us to “phase in” your projects so as not to adversely affect your finances in the short term. With our complete home assessment you have the ability to not only know what needs to be done but to also plan how and when your are going to do it.It is always better to be proactive with these sorts of things because we all know how much harder and expensive it is to do once it is too late. Once we have come up with a plan of attack you can rest assured that you won’t need to worry about problems in your home anymore. Along with the confidence in also knowing every dollar of preventive work has not only saved two down the line but it has also made you more by having not to address these types issues ever again in your lifetime.   

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