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  • Leslieville fallen home

    Leslieville fallen home

    What happen to this Leslieville Fallen Home?   You might have heard about the Leslieville fallen home on the news or read about it in the paper(Star Article Link) We thought that, given this happened right in our own backyard so to speak, it presented a perfect opportunity to explain to everyone what really happened here […]Read More »
  • Toronto Home Renovation 2017

    Toronto Home Renovation 2017

    Houzz 1k Shares Badge Another year is upon us and here at Woodsmith Construction, we are wasting no time in hitting the ground running.We thought we would first share a huge milestone achieved with our Houzz profile. We have broken through the Houzz 1k shares threshold. This is a great achievement and further a nod […]Read More »
  • Loft Basement Logan Ave

    Loft Basement Logan Ave

    Project : Logan Loft Basement Renovation   Goal: Take what was once just your average 6ft 5″ semi detached basement.  Try to create an industrial loft feel in a basement. With all the features we love in lofts, such as high ceilings, exposed brick and exposed wood joists Progress Pics   This basement project has […]Read More »
  • Home Renovation Budgeting

    Home Renovation Budgeting

    Much to do about Home Renovation Budgeting     With each new client’s home visit at Woodsmith Construction. We seem to come across, time and time again a real lack understanding on what good home renovation budgeting is. Most people obviously understand intellectually what a budget is and how important it is to the proper […]Read More »
  • Home Renovation HST Rebate

    Home Renovation HST Rebate

    How to get your home renovation HST rebate   HST is apart of all of our lives, we deal with it on virtually every purchase we make. When it comes to your home renovation. The HST does not have to be the elephant in the room. With proper invoicing techniques from your contractor and a […]Read More »
  • Toronto Home Design Tips

    Toronto Home Design Tips

    Toronto Home Design Tips  Part of giving good Toronto home design tips is to first make sure you are aware that is is always best to consult a professional before undertaking any sort of design work on your home. So much of what we do at Woodsmith Construction is centered around helping our clients get […]Read More »
  • Home Design Plan

    Home Design Plan

      A Home Design Plan That Works   Whether your are planning a small home renovation or a completely new home. You always need a good home design plan. Sometimes the process can be so exciting that you want to jump right in and get down to the design itself. The results from taking this […]Read More »
  • Upper Beaches Home Renovations

    Upper Beaches Home Renovations

    Upper Beaches Home Renovations Tips Living in the Upper Beaches is to be part of one the most rapidly changing neighborhoods in Toronto. The amount of store front development on Kingston road alone, would make anyone’s head spin. This segment of Toronto is not without its home renovation challenges but as we all know, neither is […]Read More »
  • Riverdale Home Renovations

    Riverdale Home Renovations

      Riverdale home renovations are a special part of what Woodsmith Construction does. Being located in the Leslieville area ourselves. A lot of our work is in the Riverdale area of Toronto. The homes in this area are beautiful and were built with a lot of care. The years however, have not been kind. With […]Read More »
  • Logan Home Renovation

    Logan Home Renovation

    Woodsmith Construction Project Journal:   Logan Ave Home Renovation: Third Floor Reno     Our Logan home renovation project has finally come to an end. What started off as simple third floor interior alterations. Became a whole home face lift from top to bottom. As challenging as every Toronto home seems to be, the reward was […]Read More »
  • Ossington Home Renovation

    Ossington Home Renovation

    Woodsmith Construction Project Journal: Ossington Home Renovation   Renovating homes in the west end of Toronto is something the Woodsmith Construction team has become very familiar with. With street after street of townhomes and semi detached homes, there is no shortage of work to be done. These homes have not received a lot of love […]Read More »
  • East York Home Renovations

    East York Home Renovations

    Tips for East York home renovations   East York home renovations are some of our personal favourites at Woodsmith Construction. We have spent many years working in the East York area of Toronto and much like other areas of our great city. There are many homes that are in pretty rough shape. Being located in […]Read More »
  • High Park Home Renovations

    High Park Home Renovations

    Woodsmith Construction Project Journal: High Park Home Renovations   High Park home renovations aren’t like any other home renovations in Toronto. This beautiful area of Toronto has so much to offer for anyone that chooses to live there. Whether it’s the shops on Roncesvalle or a walk in High Park itself. There is always something […]Read More »
  • Beaches Home Renovations

    Beaches Home Renovations

    If you live in the Beaches area of Toronto you have probably thought about  Beaches home renovations and what possibly could be done to help you make the most of what you have and keep you in one of the nicest areas to live in Toronto, for as long as possible.  Beaches homes usually contain […]Read More »