Canadian Contractor Article: Leveraging Social Networks to Connect Contractors

Hiring Help: Leveraging Social Networks to Connect Contractors

In a recent feature for Canadian Contractor, I explored the evolving landscape of hiring within the construction industry, mainly through the lens of social networks and innovative apps designed to connect contractors with skilled tradespeople. As the owner of Woodsmith Construction Inc., I’ve navigated the challenges of recruiting in a post-COVID world, where traditional methods often fall short. Here’s a summary of the insights and solutions discussed in the article:


The construction industry faces a significant hiring challenge, exacerbated by a shortage of new talent entering the skilled trades and a housing crisis. Traditional hiring platforms and methods are increasingly inadequate to meet our reliable, skilled labour needs.


Enter the solution: a new wave of construction-centric apps akin to “Uber for your job site,” which aim to revolutionize how we find and hire tradespeople. These platforms leverage the power of social networks to create a transparent, accountable system for connecting contractors with workers. The core idea is simple yet powerful: workers are rated based on performance, incentivizing high-quality work and enabling contractors to make informed hiring decisions.


I highlighted my experience with UBILD, an app that exemplifies this new approach. After being referred by a colleague and speaking with its founder, I found it to be a perfect fit for Woodsmith Construction. However, the market offers other options like Crew Up, indicating a growing trend towards these innovative hiring solutions.


These apps represent more than just a new way to hire; they offer a potential paradigm shift in utilizing our limited skilled trades workforce. By efficiently matching labor needs with available talent, we can more effectively navigate the hiring challenges of today’s world.


This exploration into the intersection of technology and traditional trades underscores the importance of adaptability and innovation in running a successful construction business. As we embrace these new tools, we not only solve our immediate hiring needs but also contribute to a more dynamic, efficient, and connected industry.


For a deeper dive into how social networks and apps are changing the hiring game in construction, read the full article here.

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