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How does Woodsmith Construction create customer value?

I would say off the top, customer value is all about caring and giving a s#!t. This concept gets thrown around a lot in today’s world but the reality leaves us less than inspired. It takes real work and dedication,day in and day out to build a home for someone. You have to be there everyday until it is done and never lose sight of who you are helping. You have to be honest and open and make sure if something is done wrong that it is corrected and made right. There is no perfect recipe, other then always striving to do better. We want to make sure that our clients get the best home renovation experience there is, period.When someone trusts us with the single biggest investment of their lives, you bet we take that responsibility seriously. I could share a whole bunch of catchy terms and phrases that best describe what we do but I don’t think that really describes things correctly.Firstly I wish that everyone could enjoy the renovation and home building process as much as we do. It is probably one of the very few things left in this world that has to be tailored to our wishes. Also there is something magical about taking a home that someone has lived in and built a family in and transforming it into something out of our combined imagination.It is the nature of home renovation and building that is shared. That’s what I think makes it so special we all get to share that transformation process together. There is no better feeling then getting that call from a client while they are have that first coffee in their new kitchen.Our value comes from our commitment to be there. Not just during your project but for whenever you need us after all is said and done. All of our past clients enjoy the realization that even years after the last cheque has cleared. Someone will talk to them and answer any questions they may have.We love the homes we build but more importantly we love the people we build them for. It is the people that make our homes great. Our team cares about each and every client we have or have ever had and always will do everything in their power to make them happy with their home.Our slogan is not just a catchy saying “Having our family help your family get into your dream home” It is taken to heart in everything we do. We will continue to set a new standard for home renovations and building in the Toronto area by caring everyday.Please let us help you with the your next home renovation project and see for yourself. Why Woodsmith Construction is in a class all by itself when it comes to true customer value.  

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