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Now is a great time for design build tech and today’s technology is a lot of the reason why. The things that are are possible with relative ease today, would have been virtually impossible not too long ago.  It is truly amazing what today’s software in the right hands can produce. From photo realistic renderings, to a three dimensional walk through of your home to be. For the first time ever, design build tech can help us show what your home will actually look like. Not just on a flat piece of paper but in 3D. You can actually walk through your home, sit at your kitchen island and check out the view. All before your home has ever even been built. Now this technology has been around for a while but now with faster computers and better software. That virtual window into your new home can be achieved in timely and cost effective manner. With out the need to compromise on image quality or level of design detail. From the actual lights over your dining table to the finish on your wood floors. Everything will look very close to what it will be in real life once we are done. This has been, as you can imagine a game changer because it enables us to communicate design and finishes in a way we never could before. Showing how different lighting treatments will affect your room, with the click of a mouse. Showing you the finer points of why one set of finishes would be better then the rest. Right down to the detail on the trim around your doors and windows. No longer does a client have to guess at what they hope they are getting. We can chose finishes in advance and vet them in a room that doesn’t even exist yet. Pretty cool to say the least and I excited to see how much further things will continue to go over the coming years. Our designs have always been about trying to clearly articulate our clients wishes. We are now able to do that in ways that only make things better for our customers. Showing them exactly what a Woodsmith home can and will look like. The design build tech love affair does not stop there however. With the advent of cloud computing and limitless storage options from any platform at anytime. We now also have the ability to manage our projects better then ever before. We can show daily progress along with also simultaneously addressing any questions or concerns at anytime day from any project location. Even if it is just from a phone, we can pick and categorize selections from the show room floor or at the office. All of which is presented clearly in an up to date format on your very own client web portal. Each design build project can now be run with the same project management software they use to build major condo construction projects. This has helped us get to a level of efficiency and customer satisfaction that I just don’t think would have been possible otherwise. The process of design build has always had a lot of moving parts and with the help of today’s best tech, we can keep them all moving smoothly.

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