How you can Renovate a Semi Detached House in East York?

East york semi renovation

What you should consider when renovating East York semi-detached homes.


Can you renovate a semi-detached house in East York? The short answer is yes, but there are a few things you need to be aware of to increase your renovation’s chances of success. There is no shortage of semi-detached homes in East York, Toronto-East and Old Toronto. Therefore, we thought it best to highlight some of the top things to keep in mind if you are in the market to renovate one of them in the future. Any renovation of a semi-detached home is challenging and should only be handled by licensed professionals. You must also make sure you have a signed party wall agreement with your neighbour before any work can commence on the party wall itself. First, you have proximity issues with your neighbour in a shared party wall, which comes with a slew of internal problems once it gets opened up. Not to mention it is usually the source of significant sound transmission problems as well. This is the most crucial wall in your semi-detached home as it divides your home from your neighbours, so you must treat it with the respect it deserves. This article will focus on managing a renovation that includes the party wall. One must consider three significant areas when working on a semi-detached home’s party wall. There are in no specific order of importance Fire, Sound and Mechanicals. 

  • Fire

There is not much to look at, and it seems like any other wall in your house, but in a Semi, it is a thin divide between you and the home next door. With an East York semi-renovation, you must account for the fact that there will be little to no fireproofing materials in or on the party wall. This means, in short, that if your neighbour’s house caught fire, you would have very little time before your home would have the same fate. In any East York semi-renovation, always strip back the party wall and plan to install as much fire batt material as you can and always make sure your drywall is fire rated. This must also be coupled with completely sealing any air leaks or penetrations through the wall with fire tape and caulk. These two things alone could not only save your investment, but they could also help save your life. One significant mistake people make with fireproofing forgets that the wall extends beyond the floors. You must ensure your fireproofing goes everywhere your party wall is, including all joist cavities and attic spaces.

  • Sound

You will see this very soon in owning any Semi-detached home in Toronto, let alone East York. Well, you will hear it more than see it. That party wall can mean just that if it has no soundproofing. Your neighbour is little more than a 2×4 thickness away from you, and if they are making noise, it can sound like they are in your living room. Rarely is this factored into any East York semi-renovation, but I think it is a must. Nothing is worse than living under the constant worry of whether your neighbour will make noise tonight or, worse, can they hear everything you say. Soundproofing is a relatively simple thing to do once everything is open, and it will give peace of mind and some peace.

  • Mechanical’s

Too often have I opened up the party wall of a home only to find drain pipes, dryer ducts and various other plumbing and heating feeds. The party wall is not the place for these items to run. Sure, electrical is fine, but remember that even that can cause a problem, given that each object creates a penetration in the party wall itself. Those penetrations can cause fire spread issues and sound problems. With your East York semi-renovation, please try removing as many of these things as possible from your party wall. If they are your neighbours, try and speak with them about removing them also. Keep the party wall penetrations to a minimum; your fire and soundproofing will perform as they should.


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