Home Renovation Project

Home Renovation Project

Things to consider with your home renovation project

When considering any home renovation project there are rarely the answers you need when searched online. Mostly due to the wide array of things that you do have to consider with any home renovation project. Now everyone might know the basics, like design well and hire professionals but here are some things you might not have considered. 
  • Is your home legal

This seems like a strange one given you bought it and your name is on the title. That however only covers things from an property ownership perspective but not from a building one. You can own a home that has had things done to it illegally, before you ever gained ownership. Now even though you didn’t do the work, you do now own the home and inherit the illegal work that has been done. This can cause some big problems when you go to try and get permits. Only to then find out that some portion of your home was done with out the city’s knowledge and will need to be brought up to both zoning and building legal standards . Now this does not really apply to work done more then 20 years ago but we have had cases where home owners have been forced to make entire floors legal in the eyes of the city. Always check city archives to make sure what ever work has been done on your home has been done with a permit. The last thing anyone wants to deal with on their home renovation project is rebuilding something they thought they already had.
  • Neighbours

Now this is one I see more and more over the years. A family gets a design done and has permits in hand, they finally secure a contractor and work on their home renovation project is set to begin. All of a sudden your neighbour has issues with anything and everything you are doing. Always be mindful of your neighbours and their temperament. It is  a good idea to talk out any plans you may have, clearly and openly with them. Try and answer any questions they may have but keep a close eye on how they act and respond. An upset neighbour can make your project grind to a halt pretty fast. Not to mention cost you lots of money in delays. Deal with your neighbours openly and honestly from the start and don’t take anything for granted. Always hope for the best with things but keep in mind they might have other ideas. Problems with neighbours happen all the time but it’s making sure you plan for them that will help save your budget.
  • Time of Year

This one is often over looked on many home renovation projects. If you are doing any major construction on your home, you want to make sure you try to time the seasons to give you the best chance of success. Its never a good idea to start gutting a home and putting an addition on in the dead of winter. The costs associated with it go way up given it has to be heated. Most people can’t wait to get into the ground come spring. The problem is that most springs have a lot of rain. Now given most homes have additions with foundations to be made, it is easy to see how that process will be slowed tremendously by the presence of water. Sometimes things can’t be timed and so you will have to make do with what comes your way during any part of the year. Just try to keep in mind the weather challenges that come with the time of year you are looking to build in and budget accordingly.     

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