Logan Loft Basement Reno

Logan loft basement renovation woodsmith construction

Project : Logan Loft Basement Reno

Goal: Take what was once just your average Logan Ave  6ft 5″ semi detached basement.  Try to create an industrial loft feel in a basement. With all the features we love in lofts, such as high ceilings, exposed brick and exposed wood joists

Progress Pics

This loft basement renovation project has not been without it’s challenges. But we have soldiered through and the result is starting to show something truly special. These progress pictures give a you hint to the incredible space. That has been created and speak to how remarkable this basement will be once completed.

The Start of the Renovation

As I mentioned earlier, we Started out with a normal 6ft 5″ basement. We then proceeded to underpin the entire home close the 3ft in depth. As you can see from the pictures, the house itself is not very wide. The added depth with the underpinning has given some much-needed volume to the space. As a rule high ceilings will make any space feel bigger than it really is. Once we had excavated and poured all the new underpins our loft basement really started to take shape.

The Loft Basement Reno Challenges

The first logan loft basement reno challenge was to find a way to have some exposed floor joists as a ceiling treatment, without it looking like a mess of wires and plumbing. We ended up settling on the rear portion of the home as there were the least amount of things in the way and the joists themselves were in the best condition. The result as the pictures show, brought us that much closer to a basement loft.

Our next find/ challenge was the exposed brick. Although it looks great now, it was not part of the original plan. Once we had removed all of the old cladding there was this brick that had been covered in multiple coats of paint. We hoped there would be something nice under that paint and we weren’t disappointed. After many man hours of stripping and scraping we revealed probably on of the best features of our basement loft. Beautiful yellow brick, the years of paint now stripped away give it a white washed look that you could not get any other way.

The finished loft basement

This basement loft brings a smile to my face every time I go in and I can’t wait to show you some final pictures once we are fully complete. Also wait until I shown you the rear urban garden oasis we created with a garage that also has more storage then you could ever need. Until next time, thanks for keeping up with what’s going on at Woodsmith Construction.

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