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Toronto home design 2016

Toronto Home Design Tips 2016

With seemingly  everyone that owns a Toronto home, trying to renovate it in some way shape or form. I thought it would be helpful to provide some easy to understand tips on what good Toronto home design 2016 should be based on.  Everyone at one time or another has walked through a home with bad design. The ones that you leave wondering “what were they thinking.”? Through the years of designing Toronto homes we have come across a few key things to always pay attention, no matter how small or large your home is. 

Toronto Home Design 2016

  • Open ground floor plan is better then not

This is so true for our small Toronto home design. Especially when it comes to our ground floor spaces. We have small homes with small spaces and to chop that space up into even smaller spaces, just doesn’t make sense. Too many times has a small ground floor been butchered with a split living room, dining room and kitchen area. One feels as if they are walking through a tunnel to get from the front to the back of the home. Your small ground floor needs to be open. It shows the limited space better and gives you the much needed light from both the front and the back of the home. Those front to back views give the sense of space where there actually is not that much of.Good design especially when dealing with smaller spaces has to be based on simplifying things. De cluttering the spaces by opening them up and makes sense and allows travel flow from front to back.  Smaller floor plan design demands more attention, especially when trying to successfully execute an open concept. One must pay attention to continuity but also be able to delineate different areas. All are notable challenges but the rewards of a well executed open concept floor plan are well worth it. 
  • Natural light is your friend

This is another problem that is shared with a lot of our homes and is a stumbling block for any Toronto home design 2016. Natural light needs to find its way into every room possible. Especially stair ways and hallways, there is nothing that makes a home feel dark and gloomy more then a lack of natural light. Now given we all live in very close proximity to our neighbours, getting natural light into our homes can be tricky. The best way is always a window or skylight but if those aren’t possible, look to glass placement in interior walls. Allowing the light from one room to be brought forward into some of the other more darker spaces. You can play with all kinds of decorative glass in order to make this feature really shine. 
  • Proportion is king

This is critical in our smaller spaces, the scale and size of what you are looking to put in is as important as the thing itself. If you have a living room with 8ft ceilings and is maybe 12ft square. It is not the place to install a massive stone mantel and coffered ceilings. Although each of those features by themselves in the right settings are stunning. Applied in the wrong conditions, they can look out of place and work against the space itself. Some things just need a bigger space in order to work and if you pay attention to that, your home and your eyes will thank you. Use smaller more subtle details such as beautiful doors with a slightly wider trim and a back band. With these sorts of accent treatments, any small room with get the bit more pop and not feel over done. This is probably the best Toronto home design 2016 tip we can give you. 

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