Custom Homes

Tired of the endless failed open house searches? Why move and settle for less when we can build your custom dream home for you? Building your own custom home is probably one of the best decisions you will ever make. Nothing beats having everything about your home look and feel just the way you want it. It is also the answer to how to stay in the neighbourhood you love and also have the dream home you always wanted. Our custom home’s are built to the highest standards by our amazing team of craftsmen. Whether you already have a design or we have done the design for you. We custom tailor your dream home build to suit your budget and make sure you’re getting the very best value for your money. Our transparent and accountable approach has a proven track record that can’t be beat. 

Two Types of Custom Homes

There are two types of customs we normally deal with and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are new home builds and existing home rebuilds. A new home build is just that, everything is completely brand new.  Your old home is demolished and removed prior to any new construction commencing. An existing home rebuild is where your foundation and 50% of your exterior walls are left standing and everything else is added to it.  Which one is best for you would be up to you to decide during our project planning phase or with your own designer if you have gone that route. 

New Home Build

This is the worry free option as you know that everything has been done at the sametime and is done with modern construction techniques and materials. Nothing has to be leveled, flattened or added to, as it is all done right the first time. The downside is that there are quite a few additional costs associated with a new build, such as development and new service fees to name a few. When you go with a new build custom home you have to take into account there will be extra costs involved to do so. Please review this option carefully before choosing to go in this direction as nine times out of ten if your home is located on a smaller lot in Toronto, this option is not ideal.

Existing Home Rebuild

An existing home rebuild is probably our most popular option as it gives virtually the same finished product but without all the headache that comes with a new build. As long as you can make 50% of the existing exterior walls work for the layout of your new custom home, this option makes a lot of sense. You don’t have to throw your old home in the dump which helps the environment by reducing construction waste. You don’t have to worry about any development or extra service fees, as renovations are treated differently by the city. You still end up  with the same home of your dreams as the finished products look the same.  The down side to this approach is that there can be a lot of work involved in making what you currently have into something that works with your dream home. Sometimes you existing home is too far gone or your new dream home requires too many changes to make this option as feasible one. Make sure to review the limitations of this option clearly during the design phase of your project.


Need Design Services Also ?

Our services include full design and permitting packages for all of our build services listed here. 


Yes we provide design and permitting services for all of our build services 

Anywhere between 10 to 13 months depending on the scope of work involved.

Please fill out our contact form and attach the files you currently have. We will get back to within 24hrs to set up an initial consultation meeting. After we have met to discuss your project in detail. A full scope of work budget will be provided along with all pertinent timelines also. 

A min of 2 years any anything we have installed. A detailed warranty package is provided to all of our clients at time of contract signing.