Home Design



Our home design service can’t be beat as we offer our clients a high end design with a low end price tag. With a little help of course from the industry leading design software we use. We don’t stop until you are happy with the look and feel of your design. Our clients are always amazed at how much detail goes into each one of our designs. Our fully licensed design team is able to not only show you exactly what your home will look like but also give you a clear idea of what it should cost. We offer design packages to suit any budget and with a turn around time that will get your home built quicker. We can handle everything from structural engineering to getting the permits. You can trust that a home design from us will always be one that not only looks great but can be built on budget. No matter the size of your project, our design team will assist you to get what you need to get your project built. A great design is at the core of any great home project and at Woodsmith Construction, we always make sure you have the best design for your home.



Custom Homes



Building custom homes is at the heart of what Woodsmith Construction does. We are one of the top Toronto home builders because of that fact. We have always been able to combine a great design service with an outstanding build service. Our custom homes have showcased that fact over the years. We prides ourselves on offering our clients accountability and affordability, right from the start. We achieve this by having a single contact person throughout your project. We have found that this dedicated service, helps to reduce overlap and miscommunication. Our custom homes are built at some of the lowest per sq ft prices in the industry. The reason for this is simple. Our open costing keeps costs way down and the transparency it provides, keeps everyone accountable. Which enables us to build top quality homes with many high end finishes already included. Our online project management software allows you to see progress and costs at anytime during design or construction. Given time is always a factor with any custom built home. We don’t let you down in that department either. Our projects have the fastest turn around time, period. Thanks in part to our ability to do most things in house. Our team of experts can and will keep your custom home on time and on budget. It is the combination of all of these great features that makes a Woodsmith Custom home the best choice for your next home.


Home Renovations



In most cases a home renovation is the only option for your Toronto home and we believe that your experience with us should not differ from that of any other type of home building project we do. That’s why all of our same award winning service goes into our home renovations also. Whether it is through the design or build phase of your home renovation. We offer the same open costing and online client project management portal we would on our full custom homes. We want to make sure that you know not only know what things are costing but how much got done and when. Along with if there are any surprises found behind your walls. We will let you know of it immediately, along with what possible options are available. We always make sure to show how your budget can be adjusted to best accommodate any issue. A successful home renovation must have excellent communication. Each of our home renovation projects, have a dedicated team member assigned to it for start to finish. That way you know who you are dealing with and who you can hold accountable throughout your project. We work hard to make  home renovation a great experience and would love to do the same with your next home renovation.