Custom home why is it better?

Custom Home

Why is choosing to build a custom home better?

The single largest benefit of a custom home is consistency. You never have to worry about the life span of something that is all brand new. You also will never have to worry about what construction techniques and or technologies  were used. With a custom home you get the very best of both right from the beginning. None of the problems that plague an existing home when being renovated, do you even have to deal with. From the ground up you’re up to code and built right, straight, plumb and true.Now we can all see that having something constructed at the same time with all the right materials and processes, would obviously lead to and very good finished product, which can easily stand the test of time. What doesn’t quiet pop out at you at first is that it actually works out more cost effective in comparison to a full home renovation. It would seem counter intuitive to think that one could build something from scratch brand new for the same or less then they could renovate.Shocking but true, when dealing with homes that have been built before 1950. It is almost always easier and more cost effective to demolish then to try and rebuild with the existing structure to remain. It all comes down to how we all age and your homes are no different. Gravity is not our friend and over time everything sags. When it comes to your older home those things show in your floors and door ways. Now to try and fix the sag is not easy, along with all the other things that have aged with in an older home. Such as mechanical, foundations and windows.The existing home once gutted in order to do most complete home renovations is really just some outside walls and maybe some roof framing. Really that’s all you are saving in order to bring things up to date. The outside walls could be masonry or wood it doesn’t really matter because in both cases they need work in order to receive services and insulation along with everything else that needs to go into a new home.We are really comparing the task of “repairing and reworking” existing frame and or masonry vs building new. It is with this direct comparison that you start to see where things can be a lot easier when starting from scratch. In existing you have to insert new structure and or framing in order to make it work for the new layout. With new you just build the walls that way to begin with. The same goes for the floors and for the roof. In each case with the existing you are actually doing two jobs vs with the new only one. With existing you are doing the job of building what you need but you are also fixing what is already there.When you take the time to look at the direct comparison, it is easy to see that the new build has the better value for your dollar. I am all for trying to save and reuse but sometimes things are not worth saving and to build to today’s standards from the start helps save in ways the reused home could never do. It takes less energy consumption to build and to run. It should provide you with a far better end product for comparable money to what your complete home renovation would have cost.If you can which is not always the case in Toronto. I strongly encourage you to go with the custom home and build new from scratch.    

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