Adaptiv Home Certification

Announcing Woodsmith Construction Inc.’s CHBA Adaptiv Home Certification

Woodsmith Construction Inc. is excited to share that we have recently completed the CHBA Adaptiv Home certification. This certification highlights our commitment to creating safe, accessible, and comfortable living environments for homeowners, regardless of their age, ability, or condition.

Understanding the CHBA Adaptiv Home Program

The CHBA Adaptiv Home Program is designed to address the growing need for homes that can adapt to the changing needs of their occupants. Whether due to aging, disability, or a desire to remain in one’s home for as long as possible, adaptiv home renovations ensure that living spaces are safe, accessible, and comfortable.

What is an Adaptiv Home?

An Adaptiv Home is one that has been modified to support the needs of its occupants, ensuring safety, accessibility, and comfort. The modifications can include structural changes, the installation of assistive devices, and the use of adaptive technologies to create an environment that enhances independence and quality of life.

Benefits of Adaptiv Home Renovations

For homeowners, investing in adaptiv home renovations offers several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety and Accessibility: Homes are modified to reduce the risk of accidents and make navigation easier for individuals with mobility challenges.
  • Improved Comfort: Adaptiv homes are designed to provide a comfortable living environment, with features that cater to the specific needs of the occupants.
  • Longevity in the Home: These renovations enable homeowners to live in their homes for as long as possible, avoiding the need to move to assisted living facilities.
  • Increased Property Value: Homes with adaptive features are becoming increasingly attractive in the real estate market, potentially boosting property value.

How Woodsmith Construction Inc. Achieved Certification

Our journey to achieving the CHBA Adaptiv Home certification involved comprehensive training and a deep commitment to understanding and implementing the best practices in adaptive home design. The CHBA Adaptiv Home Renovation Course covers crucial areas such as:

  • The Adaptiv Home Market: Understanding the demographics and needs of homeowners who require adaptive modifications.
  • Design Considerations: Learning how to design spaces that are safe, accessible, and comfortable.
  • Building Knowledge: Gaining expertise in construction practices that support adaptive living.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Acquiring knowledge about assistive technologies and adaptive equipment.
  • Resources: Utilizing a range of resources to support adaptive home renovations.

Our Commitment to Adaptive Living

At Woodsmith Construction Inc., we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our clients through adaptive home renovations. Our certification as a CHBA Adaptiv Home Specialist means we are equipped to offer expert services that ensure your home adapts to your needs, providing safety, accessibility, and comfort.

Learn More

For those interested in learning more about the CHBA Adaptiv Home Program and the benefits of adaptiv home renovations, here are some useful resources:



We look forward to helping our clients create homes that are not only beautiful but also supportive of their evolving needs. Contact us today to learn how Woodsmith Construction Inc. can assist you in transforming your home into an adaptiv living space. To learn more about our process, please visit Project Planning, Project Design and Project Management 


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