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Our home renovation design methodology centers around finding the right balance between the work your home requires and your wish list of what you would like done. Designing for any home renovation can be tricky because budgets and timeframes tend to be restrictive and, without the proper considerations, can easily be thrown off target. Other considerations that come into play are how old your home is and its current condition, along with whether it has been renovated in the past, and if so, was it done correctly and finally, will any of it be saved? With the correct information, we can give you a great home renovation design that remains accountable to your bottom line. We offer the same three tiers of home renovation design services as we do for our build services. These service tiers are not fixed and can be mixed and matched as needed. Instead, they are meant to serve as a reference point for you to get a good idea of what we can do for your home.

Home Renovation Design Service Tiers

There are three tiers of home renovation design services that we currently offer. Each of which can be mixed and matched with the others. Our design team will help you decide which tier or tiers work best for your home. We start with our whole home refresh, the all-inclusive tier that updates your home from top to bottom. Our second tier is our ground floor rework, which mainly deals with kitchens, open-concept floor plans, mudrooms and powder rooms. Finally, we have basement underpinning, which provides a great option to add usable floor space without needing an addition to your home. 

Whole Home Refresh Design

With our full home refresh, we design to maximize your budget on updating your existing home. We design within the constraints of your home’s current footprint, saving the costs of adding on. A lot can be done by adjusting floor layouts to use your existing space better. This can open up your ground floor to make way for a bigger kitchen or possibly rework bedrooms on your second floor to make room for that ensuite bathroom you always wanted. These are just a few options available to you, and the best part is that these types of changes limit structural alterations, which keeps costs down. A whole home refresh can completely transform your home’s look and feel without reinventing the wheel. This is an excellent option for anyone with enough space but needs the interior of their home updated. 

Designing A Ground Floor Rework

This is one of our most popular design and build options, as it gives excellent bang for your dollar. Most homes we deal with have tiny kitchens cramped at the back of the home. Usually closed off with walls of some sort and not very functional at all. Our ground floor rework design and optimizes your ground floor layout so you get the best use of space from the front to the back of your home. We do so without making things feel too open so as to have no sense of delineation between the separate spaces, but always keeping the kitchen as a central focal point as there can be no ground floor rework without a stunning kitchen to show for it. Additionally, this option guarantees you won’t recognize your place whenever you walk in your front door. 

sample kitchen design

Basement/Underpinning Design

That dingy basement doesn’t have to be the place the time forgot anymore. With our basement design option, your basement gets a new lease on life, and you get a whole new floorspace to enjoy. Underpinning a basement is critical to transforming it into somewhere you want to be vs somewhere you wish you weren’t. That extra height helps us keep your services as out of site as possible, and the extra volume also makes the space feel bigger. We rethink everything from your incoming service locations for things like plumbing, heating, and electrical, to optimizing your new space for any number of potential uses. So rest assured when we design and build your basement and underpinning, it will set the standard for the rest of your home.

Basement Underpinning Design


Yes, we offer separate packages for each home renovation design service tiers.

The typical time to develop a home renovation design and get the required permits is between 3 to 6 months. 

An unlimited number of concepts are included with each of our design packages. We only stop once you are happy with your design.

Yes, we offer build services for all of our design services.

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