Vlad Urukov

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Project Date: September 2013
Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

Woodsmith Construction was the sole contractor executing a project comprising of enclosing a walk out balcony, effectively extending our kitchen and equipping it with a dine-in space.
I did not extensively shop the project around as I was quite pleased with Woodsmith right away – I value the confidence I have in a contractor on par with the cost. The contract was based on full cost disclosure (hours, receipts) plus profit, and I could help out with some things to keep the costs down. If I had to isolate the one factor I was most impressed with Woodsmith it would be the quality of all workmen and trades. In quality, I mean professionalism, punctuality, skill and interpersonal skills – the latter are often at a premium in the industry, at least in my opinion. The project moved along at a reasonable pace given the size and all aspect of the built, framing, exterior and interior work were done well and with the appropriate attention to detail. In addition, I can’t recall one instance when I was not able to reach my contact at Woodsmith within 5 minutes or less. In terms of communication, I can’t say enough good things about the company and to me communication in a way equals confidence. In summary, I found the company to be dedicated and committed to all of their trades, which in turn resulted in a successful project execution and an excellent end product.